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General rules,
and other policies

General Rules

* All riders must read and sign the "Release of Liability" waiver on the date of event during morning registration

* All riders must attend the mandatory morning riders meeting, non-attendees are subject to ejection from the event.

* All riders are responsible for providing personal medical insurance coverage.

* Falsification or misuse of tech stickers or wrist bands will result in ejection from day's event.

* If an unregistered rider is found riding a registered riders bike, both the registered and unregistered riders will be ejected from the day's event and banned from future events.

* We reserve the right to refuse admission to any individual. Riders ejected from any event will forfeit all payments/credits for that day.

* Children must be under adult supervision at all times. Parents/guardians are responsible for their children's behavior and actions. Failure to maintain control of your children may result in ejection from the event.

* Parents/guardians are financially responsible for damages caused by their children/wards to the track property, and other participants and their property.

Rain Policy

The rain policy is thus: "rain or shine" policy. If the track facility deems the track safe to ride, we ride RAIN or SHINE. If the track is deemed "non-rideable" or "unsafe to ride" by the track management, a credit will be given for a future event. Must be present to receive any "non-rideable" credits.

Crash Policy

Don't do it.

* In most cases, if you have a serious crash, your day is over. Minor crashes, as in low sides or running on and off the track, require coming back to the pits for tech inspection. In all cases, you must return to the pit as soon as possible to have your bike reinspected. If your bike fails tech, your day is over.

* All riders who have a crash where their helmet impacts the ground OR where they are observed by a cornerworker to lay on the ground and not immediately get back up must be evaluated by the on-site paramedic staff. There are no exceptions.

* Also remember that if your head/helmet hits the ground, we have to re-tech your helmet, not just your bike. Your helmet may have been compromised and will no longer protect you in the event of another incident.

Cancellation Policy

Elite Sportbike does not offer refunds in the event of rider cancellation.

There are two alternatives.

- We issue credit toward track time. Our policy states that a cancellation must occur two (2) weeks prior to the event for of a full credit, please be advised event credits are only applicable for track time.
Any cancellations after the two week period prior to an event will result in the forfeit of payment.

- You can trade (sell) your trackday on our forum. Please contact us directly at least 48 hrs before the event so that we can mark it in our records.

Track Rules

* No stopping on the race surface at any time

* Riders may ONLY enter the course under the approval of the Track Marshal (Elite Sportbike) or instruction personnel (Elite Sportbike.)

* Riders exiting the track into the pit area or paddocks may only re-enter the track under the approval of the Track Marshal. Riders who disregard the Track Marshal are subject to dismissal from the event, since the potential for serious injury is very likely with unsafe or untimely track entry.

* We expect safe and courteous riding. We mean it. PERIOD. We are NOT a race practice and NOT a place for people to show off. If you ride with disregard for the safety of others (and/or their equipment and possessions) you will be dismissed from the event.

Passing Rules

Basically the passing rules are:

Advanced: No rules, safe and courteous, no racing.

Intermediate: No inside corner passing, straights-either side.

Novice: No corner passing (inside or outside), straights-either side.

For everyone:
Basically, to be safe and courteous, if a rider is at the corner before you, do not pass.  Since you caught up to that rider, pass them on the next straight.

Do not try to outbrake the rider in front of you if you have never been to that new braking point before, otherwise, you might be surprised at what might happen. Surprise is the last thing you want on a racetrack.

Privacy Policy

Information gathered while registering for an event will be utilized for payment purposes only.
If you check the 'Add my name to your mailing list' box, your name will be added to our mailing list for notifications for upcoming events and announcements.
We do not sell, rent or distribute any information gathered during this process.

Elite Sportbike, PO Box 957525, Duluth, GA 30095