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What guests say about us

Here are comments that guests have written about Elite Sportbike and our trackdays using our customer feedback and raffle form on the Feedback page.

Thank you for making my first track day a memorable event. I managed to come away with a wealth of information that will greatly improve both the safety and fun factor in my riding.
Nina K., GA

Easy sign up!
Mark B., SC

Just being able to ride at my level. No one seemed to interfere much.
Barry E., AL

The instructors for the Novice Group - Great
Kevin G., AL

First track day! Awesome.
J.H., NC

Everything. Great instructors, smaller i.e. safer groups, seemed to be less ego on the track, great food.
Vickie B., AL

I can't say enough good things about the recent event at Carolina Motorsports Park (May 10-11.)  Rob seemed very well organized and the entire event just seemed to flow very well.  They really thought of everything, like free ear plugs, fruit and water.  Just the small things made a huge difference.  The level of instruction was superb!  The instructors were always there to help anyone.  I can't wait for another Elite event.
Jason M., NC

Special kudos to the suspension team that really took the time and interest to sort my bike out. It was probably one of the best investments of $50 I have ever made. Took 5 seconds off my time compared to my first event!
Mike N., AL

Track time (very organized, which meant more track time)
Earl S., TN

Event ran smoothly - good track time
Miles T., GA

Instructors helping and track time
Patrick F., AL

Well organized, run smoothly
Travis B., GA

Elite Sportbike, PO Box 957525, Duluth, GA 30095