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Our commitment to safety.
Our experience, your safety.

We at Elite Sportbike want to encourage safe motorcycle operation. We hope that everyone takes advantage of our knowledge and experience at an Elite Sportbike Track Event. We teach, encourage, and monitor each student's progress to better motorcycling skills.

Our team is 100% concerned for your safety.

One of the ways we focus on safety is to have a low student to instructor ratio, which will be 4 to 1. With individualized attention, we can focus on what is important to you and keep you safe at the same time.

In addition to the low student to instructor ratio, we keep all of our groups small. This increases space between riders, which leads to a safer and more enjoyable riding experience.

We also provide complimentary earplugs to riders that need them, because part of the key to safety is concentration. Being able to focus helps your concentration, so reducing distractions like noise from the bike and the wind helps you to be more focused on your riding.

We expect safe and courteous riding. We mean it. PERIOD. We are NOT a place for people to show off. If you ride with disregard for the safety of others (and/or their equipment and possessions) you will be dismissed from the event.

Just remember that there are no cars, no cops, no tickets, no carbs, no calories, and a whole lot of fun waiting for you on the track.

Elite Sportbike, PO Box 957525, Duluth, GA 30095